From Him the whole body…grows and builds up in love, as each part does its work.

Eph 4:16 NIV


There is always a place to serve with Circle Church of Christ.  Please examine our ministries and find one that fits you.  If you have an idea for a ministry you would like to lead please contact our elders.  For more information on our ministries, or to sign up, please contact the church office at 541-758-4456.


Assembly Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to take care of some of the behind the scenes work to ensure that services run smoothly.  We oversee ushers and greeters, make sure communion is prepared and work with the sound system and media tech (PowerPoint). We need folks who like computer technology, open ended projects and working behind the scenes.  If you desire to be involved at all on Sunday morning contact us, we would love to have volunteers.

Building & Grounds Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to maintain and upgrade the buildings and grounds both at Circle and on Monroe.  We need folks who like to work alone as well as with others, those who are hands on types who like to work behind the scenes, or those skilled with building or repairs and can work outside.

Campus Ministry

The purpose of the University Christian Center is to reach seeking college students on the OSU campus, design an environment that fosters spiritual growth and develop the leadership potential in current members so they will impact the church wherever they go. We foster spiritual development through outreach events, one-on-one Bible Studies, mentoring, TND&D, retreats, classes and eating. Anyone interested is welcome to join in.

Education Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to assist all attending to know the contents of the Bible, maturing and developing new skills for their ministry.  We need folks who can coordinate and recruit teachers who like to teach and work with all ages or who can organize VBS and Kids’ Time or facilitate Tweens and young Believers groups.

Evangelism Ministry

The purpose of the evangelism ministry is to share the good news of God’s Word with the community.  We need evangelism coordinators who can be the primary contacts to connect visitors with an appropriate bible study.  We need leaders for small group evangelistic bible studies and individuals willing to share the gospel in small groups or through online classes.  Materials and training are provided.  2 Corinthians 5:20 “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”

Fellowship Ministry & Mission Giving Opportunities Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to orient new members and to assist all members in developing relationships within the church family. We need folks to organize recreational/relationship building events such as Game Nights or Congregation Retreats and share orientation for new members regarding opportunities for spiritual growth, service and involvement.  The Mission Giving Opportunity ministry is to provide assistance to any mission project needing fundraising or assistance. Anyone is welcome to become involved for any mission need.

Involvement Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to complement existing ministries and develop new ways to help fellow Christians connect and have ownership in their membership here. We reach out to individuals following the purpose above and support the “Guy Thing” via the Deacons’ and Ministers’ group. Occasionally we develop new ways such as the Fall Meet, Greet and Eat Program for guests, the Christmas Sing-a-long and also maintenance of the Picture Board.  We need creative and innovative people to work alone or with others to serve behind the scenes.

Life Group Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide and oversee small groups for prayer and Bible study in various homes.  Responsibilities include helping interested people find a group to fit them, encouraging and overseeing group leaders, monitoring attendance and assisting with the launching of new groups. We need folks willing to host a weekly group meeting in their home and/or lead a Bible study and folks willing to attend and support the weekly meeting schedule.

Media Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to host and maintain the Circle web site, ( and work as needed to serve the congregation’s technologic needs. Anyone with an educated interest is welcome to become involved.

Short Term Missions & Men’s Accountability Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to coordinate short term mission events and encourage the men to grow into greater spiritual maturity with a weekly prayer and study group at the building.  Let’s Start Talking is used to purposefully train and to encourage involvement of this church to send, support and participate in the great commission.  We need people who like to work with others. You can call for more information.

People’s Needs:  Financial & Food Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to feed, clothe and care for those having physical needs, as Jesus described in Matthew 25.  The responsibilities include emergency follow-up on requests by local people and travelers for food, housing, financial assistance, etc., coordinate ongoing food collection and storage for the seasonal food drive at Thanksgiving and Christmas and coordinate the annual clothing drive. We need folks willing to have hands on involvement in all areas of this ministry.

Publicity Ministry

The purpose is to provide the church and community with information about events and opportunities for involvement by contacting the newspaper and radio stations about special church events, organizing posters, bulletin boards, etc. for special events and designing, producing, and updating brochures about the church.

Van Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to oversee the van maintenance.  Anyone with a mechanic’s skill is welcome to get involved.

Widow’s Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to give special care to the widows of our church.  We look for ways to help our widows feel loved and cared for by assisting with their physical and spiritual needs such as visits, phone calls,  minor home repairs, advice, prepared meals, serving communion in their homes, and help with daily chores.  When you serve in this ministry you get back way more than you give.  We need anyone who wishes to serve with others on open ended projects involving visits including housekeeping, home repairs and landscaping or driving widows to appointments, sometimes on short notice.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at Circle exists to encourage women to live their lives while pursuing God’s love for them. As daughters of the King, we function under a mighty umbrella where women gather for relief, support and fun with a primary focus of walking hand in hand with our Savior.

Several serving opportunities exist within the structure such as planning women’s retreats, participating and facilitating Bible studies and prayer groups, along with coordinating meals for a needy family or hosting the celebration of weddings and babies with showers of love!

Youth Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide our youth with opportunities to learn and grow in Christ, while building friendships with other Christians. There are events involving pure fun, but most often service of others and worship of God is included in an attempt to show how living a Christian life is a warm, exciting life full of challenges and triumphs.  Events happen monthly for the Teens and a large summer service trip and/or activity is available for those with the interest and time.