New Here?





Your First Visit

Church can be an intimidating place to visit for the first time. What is it like behind those doors? Do they believe and practice what I am comfortable with? Do I want to go to a place I am comfortable with or where I am challenged to be better?

This section of the web is designed to give you a glimpse into what it is like to walk through the doors during a typical service.

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Why We Are Members At Circle?

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What We Practice

Our goal at Circle is to be a group of committed Christians. To us, that means more than just being believers, but being a group of faithful “do-ers”.

For example, for more than 15 years, we have hosted the largest free clothing give away in Benton county (possibly the state). Over 1000 people will come each year to choose from thousands of articles of clothes at every age and in almost every size.  This year (2014) we will have our give away in August.

2013 Free Clothing Give Away from Circle Church on Vimeo.

While this is absolutely free, we do provide a book for people to leave comments as they exit with their new ‘wardrobe’. Below are a few examples: