Outreach Ministries


CLOTHING GIVEAWAY – August 19 – August 22, 2016

We work year round to prepare for our clothing giveaway.  Over the years, we have helped thousands of people in the community, giving them the clothing that they need for work and school.

The process begins when clothing is dropped in the collection box in the parking area of our church.  Donations are from members as well as people in the community.  The clothing is evaluated for usability.  If needed, the clothing is washed then it is sorted and stored until the giveaway.  Storage facilities have been upgraded through the years to accommodate this ministry.

Church members and volunteers from the community work especially hard in August when it is time to do the final sorting, hanging, construction of racks, and construction of tents.  We would love to have you work with us.

Over one weekend we give away as many clothes as possible.  Everyone in the community is welcome to come and benefit from our clothing drive.

After the clothing drive we take apart all the structures, return the tents, and store everything for next year.  Usually in the first week following the clothing drive we get our first donations, and we start the process over.

It is amazing the way God works in this ministry to touch the members of our church, the volunteers who help, and the community who has been blessed.


FOOD BOXES – Week before Thanksgiving & Christmas

The winter months and the holidays can be tough for many people.  Budgeting for rising heating bills can eat into the budget for food.  Here at Circle we understand that expense so twice in the fall we help where we can by providing food boxes for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.   Enough food is provided to complete a holiday meal including the turkey or ham, as well as several extra meals.  We wish we could feed everyone in Corvallis, however we are limited in our resources.  Our recipients are either members or people recommended by members.



Mountain States Children’s Home extends Christian services to wounded children in an effort to meet their physical needs, heal their emotional hurts, challenge their minds and teach them moral principles, in order to reach the goals of reuniting them with their families or preparing for independence. This is accomplished utilizing a family model of care, strengthened by professional counselors and teachers.

The children’s home is in Colorado.  We have several fund raisers to help support their ministry.  Change collection cans are distributed in May and members give their spare change to help feed, clothe, and teach these children.  Last year, members of our congregation travelled to the campus to assist the workers with projects at the facility.  Our group loved working with the people there, but they especially loved getting to interact with the children who are living there.

CASA QUILTS – casa-vfc.org

CASA is an advocate for children in the court system.  Many of these children have been removed from their homes with only the clothes on their back.  The members of Circle Church of Christ have dedicated time, fabric and love creating quilts for these children so that they will have something they can call their own.  Hopefully the quilts will be a comfort for years to come.

IMG_20141113_072320075              IMG_20141219_071800650_HDR

Quilting is often done in the reception hall of the church.  Members and nonmembers are welcome to come and build a quilt for a child at CASA.  Fabric, batting, and even sewing machines have been donated, and there are several women who would love to work with you if you are new to sewing. Contact the church office for the opportunity to sew.



Circle Church of Christ has made it an ongoing mission since 1966 to ensure that there is a presence of God on the campus of Oregon State University.  This is a mission, a ministry, and a devotion for all members at Circle.  Click on the UCC tab at the top of the page for more information about the UCC and to access a link to go to the UCC website.



The University Christian Center sends college students to the Bay Area in California to bless the people at a mission for the homeless in Richmond.  The students often join in with physical labor jobs as well as teaching Bible study classes.  These college students take the trip with hearts open to God.   They have no pre-conceived ideas of what work God will do through them, they simply go and work for God, learning to trust His plan.

Circle provides them with funding, guidance, prayers and transportation, as well as other support to assist them as they strive to do God’s work.



We believe that we are:


This means that we are always looking to pass on the financial resources that He has entrusted to us.

Whether it is sending a group to serve children in Salmon Arm Canada, raising funds to drill water wells in drought-stricken Africa, funding orphan homes around the world or assisting with church plants in America, we are glad to join together, relying on God to lead us to the ministries He wants supported in His church.